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According to Mr. Long, the unit is coordinating with the Electricity of Vietnam Corporation to urgently construct a project to fix clean energy and lighting systems at 24 island points and 2 rigs in the Truong Sa archipelago. “First time going to the island to work The mission was in difficult weather conditions, but in return, officers and soldiers on the island were very enthusiastically supported. With the spirit of the whole country because of the sea and islands, everyone tries their best, even when it rains, they also wear raincoats to work. Brothers is urgently replacing all damaged solar panels, expired batteries, repairing blower motors, damaged headlights, repainting the wind tower system… officers and soldiers on the island welcome Tet”- Mr. Long said.

In the spirit of the whole country for Truong Sa, these days, the forces involved in repairing damage caused by storm No. 16 are working day and night to implement the determination of the Region 4 Command, which are all officers and soldiers. At the island spots must welcome Spring Lunar New Year 2018 in bright electric light.